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Cynthia A. Azzam

    By nature I am attracted to beauty. Since a young age I have captured photographs of things I find beautiful.

     I shot film and my first SLR camera was a Canon AE1. I took photography in college and developed my own film. The hobby got expensive, and life had so many other plans. My camera sat in a bag which lived in a box which moved with me from house to house until the hobby was forgotten and the years had passed. Then came the digital age, and the passion was re-ignited, and the hobby was awakened.

     I travel and captured my adventures, I love photographing candid situations and behind the scenes action. More than anything I love photographing people and their expressions and portrait photography was born within me.

     My appreciation for beauty gives me a unique artistic eye to bring that out in everyone. I am Cynthia A. Azzam, spicy, bubbly and creative. My photography is signed cynaZZam for a hint of whimsy and fun. I am of Lebanese origins and very American at heart. My background is in decor, in hospitality and in aesthetics.

     I grew up surrounded by beauty, artistry is very important and I have the eye for it. I love color, I love glamour and I love drama and most of all I love to combine them.

     My style is glamourous, chic, quirky, whimsical and elegant. My photography is my creative and daring.

      cynaZZam studio is located in Katy, Texas. 

Contact me via email:  


phone/text:  713.594.0558  

in the Houston area (Harris Country) 




Studio & Boudoir

cynaZZam studio in Katy, Texas


cynaZZam studio in Katy, Texas


cynaZZam studio in Katy, Texas
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